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A new era of paperless consultation has started

The Best Beginning App (TBB App) has been created by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) to support all professionals in the industry.

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Join the revolution and download TBB App today. 100% safe and at this moment 100% free.

What is included?

Contact your clients at any time

As soon as you are done with a consultation, you can send your clients an email with an overview of the latest results.

Immediately detect abnormalities

With TBB App you can see abnormalities immediately. No matter if you need to keep track of Baby Weight, Baby Head Circumference or Baby Length the TBB App has got you covered.

Survey Functionality

It is important that you are able to keep track of certain unique developments of a child and mother. Therefore the TBB App comes directly with EPDS (Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale) integration that allows you to detect postnatal depressions immediately.

Fast & Secure

The TBB App was developed with the highest security standards in mind. We currently offer data hosting in Singapore, USA and Germany in order to be compatible with each region’s data privacy laws.

Isabel Baño Piñero (BSN, BMid, MSc, IBCLC & PhD)

With a passion for lactation consultation, Isabel had the idea of a new, paperless future for all IBCLCs. After many months of testing and working closely together with the TBB App development team, she ensures that the app works perfectly for anyone in the lactation consultation industry, including midwifes.

Your client and their babies in a single app

The TBB App offers an easy to use dashboard with all the information you need. The system also allows you to customize the dashboard to your needs. This way you can see the information that is important to you right away.

Stronger relationships to your client

With the TBB App you immediately see all the important information about your clients and their babies. This helps you to give better advice and create a better relationship.

Modern & Easy to use

As The Best Beginning offers Prenatal and Postnatal services in Bangkok, the system was built not by developers, but by consultants just like you. This ensures that it is easy to use and works beautifully.
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Secure Storage

Safety is important to us. Our secure infrastructure ensures that your data is safe with us and highly encrypted.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Even though you will need to choose one out of three locations where the data of your patients is stored, you can access the app and your information from anywhere in the world at any time.

Initially, TBB App is available on iOS and Android. Soon we will also launch it on Windows 10 and MacOS.

You can add as much information as you like and especially during the testing phase, there are no costs involved.

We take data security seriously and follow many international policies that define the way how health records can be saved electronically.
In particular, we are compliant with:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) – United States of America
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Europe
  • Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) – Canada

Some features that have been implemented specifically to comply with these policies and regulations:

  • Each request to our server is encrypted with SHA-256 encryption and SSL.
  • We offer three different server locations: USA/California, Europe/Germany, and Southeast Asia/Singapore to not only ensure the fastest speeds when you access the data but also to store the data in your region.
  • Each app account can only add a limited number of sub-accounts. We do this to verify that only authorized and qualified professionals have access to the data. Additional sub-accounts can be added on request and after our approval.
  • The app automatically logs users out that have been inactive for more than one minute (if you log back in, you can pick up where you left off).
    Each account owner is able to view detailed access and history logs that make clear who accessed what data and what was done with the data.
    The app does not allow to export the of patient data. We do however provide full data backups on request.
    Needless to say, we do not and will not share any of your data with 3rd parties.
    If you think that we should be compliant with another policy, please contact us. ( and we will try our best to be compliant.

We comply with

Ready to take off? Start using TBB App today

Currently, TBB App is free to use for everyone. Please feel free to test it out via one of the links below.

Get it today. 100% Free.

Join the revolution and download TBB App today. 100% safe and at this moment 100% free.

Do you have further Questions?

Contact us and we will respond right away.

Do you have further Questions?

Contact us and we will respond right away.